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[ Q W E R T Y G R A F X ]

___// j0ylucky's pooptastic graphics journal

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__//a b o u t
Hi! This is [x_hoshi] and you've stumbled upon my wonderfully craptacular graphics journal. Most of the stuff that I'll put up will be icons of anime, jrock, random images and whatever else I feel like making. A lot of the icons or graphics are made from fandoms that I personally love, like or adore, but I do take requests. I will also occasionally throw up a random banner or color bar, but this journal will mostly contain icons, icons and more icons. Please have a look around and enjoy my pooptastic creations. ^__~\\//

Wondering how I came up with my silly name? QWERTY are the first six letter keys on the keyboard. :3
__//r u l e s
+ No hotlinking! It's very easy to sign up for an account at a photo hosting site. Photobucket = <3
+ Do NOT claim these as your own! I worked very hard to make this stuff, so please be considerate of that.
+ No modifying. Please do not modify anything that I made. If you want something to be changed, i.e. text, colors, just let me know and I will gladly do so. I will sometimes put up base icons, so feel free to add stuff to that.
+ Credit me PLEASE! Not hard and I'm sure you've seen many images on how to do it, so please please please credit whenever using something from here. If you still don't know how to credit, here's some help:

+ Comment. It's not required, but like everyone else, I do love them. It's also very nice to get feedback and know what people think of my work.
+ Enjoy and tell your friends about me! :3
__//r e q u e s t s
YES! I do take requests! If there's something that you want, please leave me a comment here and I will gladly do my best to provide you with what you want. Please include the following in the post:
+ What you want
+ Link to the image you want me to use
+ Specific colors, text and anything else that you want done
+ And email me your email so I can send you the image.
__//r e s o u r c e s
A lot of my resources come from deviantART, google image search and a bunch of other random websites. Here's a list of livejournal communities that I've used though.

hitsuzen_ air_treck ouranhostclub jrock_base jrock_scans jrock_caps ewanism iroka dearest purebloodicons textures_r_us rainharbour texturize 100x100_brushes touchoftext _blisse rainharbour ____brushes icon_tutorial icontutorials perfetc__ paine_09 _joni tehsexicons framedinblood

All other resources can be found here!
__//a f f i l i a t e s
zenith_icons freyaneko sushi_icons ganbutsu fuyuno azn_graphics sundry_icons issondy da_les apparating raverbelleicons loveanarchy coloredcakemix kiori_kiki potato_chippu night_filth tokyo_rhapsody dammitliz hikkie_heaven visual_drug 02page strangecandyx abaddon_flame batskull_69 insanance obsessive_art jos_icons blooming_cosmo insanance

Want to affiliate with me? Then please leave me a comment here!
___//created by x_hoshi (c) 2007